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This website was inactive for a few years, but on the 2018 Mabon Second Harvest Celebration, the time came to re-activate it.
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Writings and Photography by George Dula, Dooley MacBride &  Hemlock Evergreen
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Samhain’s Eve

Samhain’s eve, with music gently playing,
Soothing my ear, calming my raving head
Gentle tunes played, full of love and times remembered
Bring remembrances of times long ago, many ages past…

Times when the air was crisp and clean
When stars shone brightly o’er our heads
Orion fighting his foes, be they dragon or mighty bull,
Keeping us from harm on bitter winter nights, and alive

Darkness comes early now as the season deepens,
As the wheel of the year continues to turn, despite us,
The heady scents of summer now gone, his green raiments
Replaced by rapidly shedding leaves of reds yellows and golds…

There’s much to be chosen as we look in retrospect,
At all that has been, as we sense what’s yet to be –
As we calmly move onwards, the fear in our eyes left behind,
While we calmly go where we’re needed, to meet our fates…

The doorway’s almost open, much more than a crack,
As the mysts thin and become transparently black
Taken aback, we put caution to the four winds and go
Into the void, to the unknown, stepping into – the void

Unseen hands grasp at my shoulder, and I don’t know why,
If they’re pulling me onward or holding me up, preventing my fall
My feet try to find purchase against this place of the unknown
Where I, the unknowing yearn to discover, to know the true meanings…

Its as though there’s an end-point coming up ahead,
As with dread its been feared by me all my life, and yet all the same
Wondering with awe what its all about, what’s the name of this game
Where some friends’ loyalties are undiscovered,
        yet the inner circle  remains the same…

Is there a battle coming, is it to be of the Fae?
Do the Tuatha return to reclaim that which is their own?
Is this why the resurgence in Celtic traditions and customs,
Are we many being, finally, called to return home?

Where will the lines of battle be drawn, who will make the rules,
Or is it a matter of goodness and of right, however defined?
As the vile and unwarranted gain power and try to destroy the Land,
As we come together to protect the Earth, Merlins arm in hand…

Friends being tested, friendships  being honored or not,
As we learn who we can trust at our backs, and we theirs,
Who we can trust fully with our lives to not abandon,
To stand by us though we might fail in our tasks – but not alone

How do we decide, what decisions will be made,
Of what consequence will be the choices which we make?
For good or for evil, for what love or friendships by our kinsmen we stand
For honor and for valor all will be remembered, though none know our names…

As we enter unto places of confusion and conflict unawares,
Where actions and deeds may mean less than thoughts of the heart,
Where loyalty for those who care, and forever we strive
To become and remain true the goals and the needs, of our friends

The veil, it remains tenuously thin, possibly ripped into shreds
By those who would have the realms come to be one,
Where ancestors and babes yet unborn would walk amongst us –
Or we amongst them, all would be undone, all would become dread…

And this living Earth should die, turning ashen gray,
Unable to measure the pain, unable to withstand the strain
Which we, the Gatekeepers unleashed by allowing the tears
In the fabric of time and space, allowing all to spill and unspill, spoilt…

So true we must remain to our path, unwavering,
Friends we must know to be true as the testing continues,
As we’re shown o’er again what is their meaning,
The real value of friendships, of love, of honor…

This living Earth is dependant upon her Caretakers
To protect her from others of our kin, creatures of the gray
From which we all emanate, to which we all shall return,
From soil and ash we came, and such we shall become again,
        gray unto gray, waters carrying us deep, into our very souls…

Or, perhaps the most likely, that I’m just a bit touched,
And all that I sense is just within my own head,
Yet others there are who seemingly know this inner vision,
So this madness is shared, it continues, so it is


Hemlock Evergreen
October 30, 2006

© George Dula


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