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Writings and Photography by George Dula, Dooley MacBride &  Hemlock Evergreen
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As Dust Become

Tir na nOg of the ancient realm
Land of life’s eternal flame, of eternal youth,
Place of ageless living for forever and a day –
Yet what good eternity without love at one’s side?

Realm of the Gods on Earth, of the Sidhe,
A paradise, perhaps, to be forever young,
Of wisdom and beauty, of melodious voices
And loneliness too, without love at my side…

Wondrous gift was granted in grand honor,
Never to age or feel pains of graying years
Yet she of my dreams haunts my wakening mind
For to face the eternal without her caring eyes
        is more, I believe, than my soul can bear…

Another gift given was told me this day,
Of way to return o’er wide waters to my home;
As riding mystical gray mare across foggy gloom
Its realized nobody remains where I’m headed, for she’s gone

As slipping from mare’s wide back to Land of my birth –
Becoming dust I blow away on the warm sultry breeze
And find myself in my love’s arms once again,
Never again to be parted….


Written in 2009 by Hemlock Evergreen

© George Dula


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