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Writings and Photography by George Dula, Dooley MacBride &  Hemlock Evergreen
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Bonnie Selkie of the Sidhe

Rising and falling, the waves come to shore
With frothy sea foam masking the gloom beneath;
Smell of salty air is heavy on my breath –
Inhaled deeply, its essence fills my being….

Seeking I am as scanning the waves,
Searching for somewhat I saw once before,
Warming herself on flat rocks by this place –
Pale in the morning light afore leaping to the waves.

Thought of her won’t escape my mind
For her surreal beauty is etched evermore;
That morn she resurfaced just beyond the surf
As she leapt into the air our eyes met, and held, but a moment more.

Her wetted hair, color of freshly harvested grain,
Hugged the form of her breasts and lay o’er her back;
Such graceful perfection I’d not known before could be.
Then she was gone as in that rare moment
Her beauteous form slid splashless back into the sea….

Standing with mouth agape, seconds seeming hours
looking for her to resurface again when
Away to my left yet closer to shore
Quick bark of a seal caught my ear….

That seal swam ever closer to where I stood
At the edge of the sand with feet in the surf
And gracefully glided onto flat rock in the waves,
Looking at me with large liquid dark eyes….

Her black fur glistened wetly – for I knew she was!
That seal spoke then - in what tongue I understood not,
Yet knew she’d said my name and asked for my approach
Which I did, standing next to her rock
With the surf washing o’er my knees….

Then she spoke something I seemed not to comprehend
Yet without hesitating my answer was “aye” –
Whereupon she leaned closer to gaze into my eyes
And kissed my cheek – then leapt quickly into the sea.

— — —

Now, I know it’s a Selkie I’ve seen,
Our paths are connected ‘cause she’s chosen me
And one day we’ll meet again – yet when’s unknown
For my heart’s now owned by
That bonnie Selkie of the Sidhe….

Written in 2011 by Hemlock Evergreen

© George Dula

The background painting of "The Selkie" is by James Browne.
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