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Writings and Photography by George Dula, Dooley MacBride &  Hemlock Evergreen
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Bonnie Selkie of the Sidhe


Softly, a knock gently rapped at the door
Of my thatched roundhouse close by the sea;
Curious about who this visitor might be,
Slowly opening my oaken door to peer without.

An apparition was there to greet my senses,
Woman of such beauty as to take my breath away;
Clothesless she was, standing in my doorway
For she’d left her seal skin hid at the craggy shore.

She’d walked to my door, not as Selkie but as woman fair
Leaving naught but footprints in the briny sand;
Timidly she smiled while looking askance into my eyes
And rather nervously asked, “Remember me?

Breathlessly I replied, “Oh my yes,”
Looking past her, others were walking about
As though none of them had even seen
Her walking to my door from the sea.
How long had it been since that morn by the surf?
It didn’t matter, somehow, that I couldn’t remember
As though drunk – yet I’d had naught to drink;
All the while she stood there, looking at me….

Well,” at long last she asked, “aren’t you going to ask me inside?
Whereupon my mind returned to this beautiful Selkie maiden
For whom I’d yearned, it seems, for forever and a day;
Of course” replied I, as falling all over myself to let her within.

As she stepped across my threshold
Her bare feet rustled the straw-strewn floor,
Straw the color of her hair – just as remembered;
Such beautiful essence of purity was here beheld!

This wondrous woman, beautifully natural
Stood afore me in flawless feminine splendor
Alluring, attracting, wanting…her!
But I knew not what I should do….

Her wet hair was beginning to dry
For we must’ve been there that long
As standing gazing in one another’s eyes,
An odd lilting smile appeared on her lips.

Why” she said, then paused in hesitation
Have you not kissed me yet?
With that query a spell was broken –
Or begun, to continue the rest of my life!

Had I been the fool, standing there dumbfounded?
Whatever the answer, she melded into my arms
As we kissed…for a blessed eternity it seemed,
Warm soft breasts crushed ‘gainst my chest, we kissed….

Her eyes – color of the sea, the mosses, the skye, mesmerized
By their depth, by their wisdom, their ancient knowledge
Relaxing my eternal soul while exciting my primal spirit
As innocent child about to board mighty sailing ship for voyage,
         Sailing to wondrously amazing far-away places….

She took me places then, places only the Fae might know
As we flew beneath the waves in our passions soon after,
I was shown much beyond mere mortal imaginings
And I, in return, showed her many Earthly elations….

That day lasted into the next, and the next after that
Before we finally arose to take sustenance of air;
We’d wandered beneath the seas and into the skies,
As other places, other times, other realms were shared!

Our loves exploded those days and those nights
As we talked and shared of ourselves, our lives,
We walked o’er the Land and swam in the waves
And made love again, and again, ever and anon.

Man of this Earthy realm bound to the Land,
Sidhe of the Fae, bound to the Ocean’s waves,
Yet bound we were, ever since that morn we met,
And now bound together in ever more special ways.

— — —

We parted soon after, with much sadness by me -
But parted we’d not remain, for once each new moon
She returned to my arms – for she also needed me, you see
It’s the way of love, even among such as ourselves.

As ever I yearn for waning crescent moons
Then for three wondrous days and nights, well,
Though differing most profoundly, our love
Led to such amazing wonders  –
        As only our children might know….

Written in 2011 by Hemlock Evergreen

© George Dula

The background painting of "The Selkie" is by James Browne.
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