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Gray Lady on the Winds

Lady, Lady, drifting by,
In the clouds I see you fly,
Floating there weightless
High o’er the trees,
Wisp o’ the wind,
Lady of the Aire…

Willowy raiment of palest gray
Fluttering vibrant quiet alive
Testing wind’s currents
As coasting you there,
Quiet as an owl
On night’s airs…

Mine eyes are transfixed
As my gaze holds you near,
Hovering, circling slowly,
Somewhat as a Raven
Except palest gray,

I watch you amazed
Yet you seem to see me not,
But I wonder –
Is this show only for me?
For by nobody else
Have you been seen
Or…are you a dream?
Reality and dreams,
Or are they the same,
Does it truly matter?

But when the clouds open
With sunlight shining through,
Making you glow
Purest white brightly…

Then at that moment
You drop down low
As would a seagull,
To be fed at my hand;
But your purpose is more,
For you want me to know
That you’re real and alive
As the Wind suddenly lifts
And carries you high
        and quickly away…


Written in 2008 by Hemlock Evergreen

© George Dula

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