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Writings and Photography by George Dula, Dooley MacBride &  Hemlock Evergreen
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The Lady’s Warrior Love

I am raven and I do soar
Who am I, who was I?
My wings they are spread
As I rise, riding the winds.

Below me are rocks crashing with the sea
As I circle and rise, soaring on the breeze;
I try to remember how I got here
And if I have died, swirled with the winds.

But no, death has not happened, but change;
What was that falling past me, splashed into the waves?
Rising on the winds I tilt, looking upwards -- and see him;
A man standing lonely at the edge of vast cliffs.

The kilted warrior stands there forlorn,
Despair overtaking him, tears stream down his cheeks;
Brave man full of passion, looking, he grieves
For someone has left him, and I wonder why…

I’m soaring and turning, for Raven I be
But I know not who I am, who I was, if I’ve become…
Why does he so grieve, could it be for me?
Does he believe me leapt to my grave?

As I soar upwards and reach the cliff’s edge
The warrior’s very close and I pause to gaze;
He stands there, bloody sword limply hanging from his hand at his side
His head hangs forlornly, chin on his chest,
Gazing to rocks below, crashed by the surf…

Then he sees me soaring there, not a yard from his face
And I see the blue-gray of his eyes and I know
This is my lover, my friend, and I know who I am…
And I say to him “its me.”

The sorrow turns to wonder as the fog leaves his gaze
I love you” I say, “I’ll always be here…
His mouth opens and shuts as he tries to relate, to know what to say,
I…love you too…” came from his lips, “I’ll see you soon…” as I lift and fly away…

For now I must journey, explore, discover
As I truly begin to soar!
I look down below me and he’s still there standing, waiting, wanting, full of honor;
He’ll always be there for me, this I know, and hopefully he knows the same, of me…


Written in 2005 by Hemlock Evergreen

© George Dula


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