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Writings and Photography by George Dula, Dooley MacBride &  Hemlock Evergreen
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M’Lady at Samhain

Standing stones atop the hill await me there –
Tall they reach above slopes covered in heather and fern,
Now turned coppers and golds as frosty nights take their toll,
Yet green the grasses remain as sheep graze ‘neath the moon.

Full moon ‘tis and the veils are quite thinned,
As with both foreboding and excitement I begin
To climb the winding path towards the heights,
Above this rocky village where my life was begun.

I see a glow there upon the knoll amongst the stones
With the full moon high o’erhead gracing with her beauty,
As she signifies the holiness of this night, this time,
When our ancestors will be present, with my love

Walking this winding path towards the moonlit sky,
I’m not alone, for my kin and friends are ahead and behind,
Yet I feel alone, for my mind and heart are for one alone,
And I know she’s awaiting me by the fire ahead, above…

Entering the circle of stones, passing respectfully in between,
We circle against the grain, in the direction of the moving sky,
With the Lady there in our midst awaiting us, by the flames,
Her back to me as though I’m not even there – yet she knows

Circling, we continue to walk, spiraling inwards towards the center,
Ever continuing to circle, as she contemplates the deepening flames,
When suddenly she raises her arms high over her head
As the flames leap high almost singing her hair, and we stop!

Then she opens her eyes and they’re gazing right into mine –
As though she knew I was there, and where I’d be, instantly;
She lowers her arms, her white full sleeves falling around her hands,
And she looks at each of us there in turn, all the village there at once…

As we celebrate the turning of the wheel, as this new year begins,
And the ancestors are welcomed amongst us this night,
Beneath full moon and stars shining bright high above,
As the smoke from the flame circles around our heads.

Full of love, gently offered and given
This night of Samhain is half-way over
As the celebration begins for us all,
As we embrace, m’lady and I,
amongst our friends…


Written in 2010 by Hemlock Evergreen

© George Dula


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