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Writings and Photography by George Dula, Dooley MacBride &  Hemlock Evergreen
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Star of the Sea

Star of the Sea, you began your life
Making fast runs for East India Tea,
Swinging ‘round the Horn in record times
Earning your owners many a half-penny

High-masted clipper with timbers reaching the sky,
Your sails pure and white shine on the horizon;
So much you’ve seen, so far you’ve been
As your graceful prow slices the Caribbean…

It was there your crew changed, at Barbados Bay
As your flag was lowered and thrown to the Sea;
Brass twelve-pounders were placed port and starboard
Now fast Privateer, ready to ply the wide South Seas

Star of the Sea you remained through it all
As the beautiful Bonnie Marie took hold of your wheel,
Saber bright at her shapely thigh and fire in eyes gray as the sea
Her swarthy crew ready ever to meet her needs

From Hatteras to Ocracoke Inlet, to Bermuda and even Eire,
Taking what was wanted by striking hard and fast
The quickly retreating to sail swiftly away
For Bonnie Marie captained the swiftest ship o’ the Sea

‘twas a fair Privateer you came known to be
As the passengers and crews you most always set free,
But only after drowning their guns in the deeps
And any Union Jacks set burning with grand revelry!

Thus a legend grew about the Star of the Sea
With its wealthy crew of captain Bonnie Marie
As ships far and wide yielded almost without fight
Then back in port with shining eyes proclaim of their capture and release!

Gladly they were welcomed back in their home waters
For much of their bounty was shared wide and freely
As mystique grew while giving the poor what’s robbed from the gentry
Almost a queen became Bonnie Marie to her loyal peoples.

At long last whilst good times continued
They settled an island in remote Caribbean,
Repainted their ship and boarded up its gunwales
Privateer no more but wealthy merchant clipper
Plying the blue waters of the Seven Seas –
        Star of the Sea and faire Bonnie Marie


Written in 2009 by Hemlock Evergreen

© George Dula


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