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The Greenman’s Gift

That night by the Sea, May two thousand and four
Words that were said, things that were chanted,
Seem to have opened a door…

I pleaded for the Earth, there by the Sea,
Not for me but for the Powers that Be;
As I drummed by the surf those dark starry nights in the spring.

The water flowed in to lap at my feet which were bared to the Earth
As I waded and wandered the living surf
Drumming by the Sea to the Powers that Be!

For hours on end, alone, solitary -- pleading, chanting, drumming, wailing
Honoring that which is, has been, and always shall be
Down by the living dark Sea.

Leaving reluctantly that final night, my friend the darkening Sea
Returning to life’s confrontations and a bed a short walk away
In air-conditioned comfort in an artificial condo close by the Sea.

I laid in my bed that night, life’s events filling my head
When relaxation was granted to me, the Gods gifted me with Vision and more,
In thanks, I believe, for what I promised to be…

The Spirit of the Earth, very alive, powerful, manifest
Visited my spirit that night, my very soul, that which is me
And I’ve not fully been the same ever since.

As with a great gentle hand full of love,
My essence gently lifted from my top bed bunk
Carried very gently, kindly, gratefully…

While gentled in His hand, with the other in the Forest Primeval
He scooped out forest mould as a bed and lined it with soft fragrant mosses
And laid me down gently, onto that wondrous soft bed.

His Lady was there also, above
Fully his equal in kindness and love
As she gentled me with her soft warm breath and lulled me to rest.

That night I slept like a babe and awakened all refreshed
And odd for me then, each detail of that “dream” was remembered
For more than dream it was, for it was a gift…

That fateful night I was gifted with Vision and with Sight
Although it was understood not yet
But later, a year this very September, the gifts began to be shown.

Its not yet understood but has finally been accepted
Many changes have happened through the course of this time,
Often very painful, often most wondrous and unknown to most.

Where will this take me, where will it go?
Events have turned me inwards to examine my own soul and to question
That which is, which was, and which always shall be.

And I’m just not the same…

Written in 2005 by Hemlock Evergreen

© George Dula


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